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"I know they are not strong enough for the four years of programming".
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If you are thinking this and you are going into IT, you better forget what you think you know, because this statement is wrong.

I used Macs when I worked at Apple. I have used Macs in three different startups, all with some success. I am currently using a 4-year-old MacBook Pro and a 9-year-old Windows machine. A college freshman now wouldn't have made it through puberty yet.

The only time I'm interested in the machine I'm programming on is when I need to run code on something that can't be carried on a laptop. Like a modern GPU.

For programming, having a €500 budget, should I buy a desktop or a laptop?

It depends on how frequently you move around. It is pointless to get a fixed computer when you have to work/study outside for the next few years.

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On the other hand, even if you move even a few days, it is tedious to have several computers to do the same work: having everything ready on one machine is a fundamental requirement if you don't want to waste time.

Given that, on average, a programmer (with exceptions, which there are, but I am assuming this is not the case) does not need a lot of computing power, I would generally recommend a laptop and, subsequently, the purchase of an external monitor, mouse and keyboard, to be connected to the need for a desktop-like workstation.

Better to do a master's degree in computer science or the Apple Academy?

Does it have value for competitions? Do you think an employer values a private company whose mission is to sell smartphones?

It's one thing to have an engineering degree and a Cisco certification. It's one thing to have an accountant's degree and know how to develop an app for Apple thanks to Apple's course. For another, perhaps not knowing how to develop an Android app.

Next week I will start computer science university...

Is it necessary to have a computer with particular features? If so, would you be so kind as to recommend me some (possibly not too expensive)?
Unless you do very specific things, such as Deep Learning or 3D graphics, you don't need an extremely high-performance computer.

The only advice I can give you is that it has a lot of RAM, at least 16 GB (much better 32). For the rest, a good processor can also help, but here you have to see whether you prefer battery life (assuming you want a laptop) or power. In the first case, get a computer that has a processor with a 'U' at the end of its name (e.g. AMD Ryzen 5 4500U), in the second case get one with an 'H'. The last feature of the processor to evaluate is the brand, the one I recommend is AMD.

For computer brands as a whole there are differing opinions, but my opinion is this:

  • Lenovo, good computers with good value for money, they also often use quality construction materials but it depends a bit on the product. Average support.
  • Dell, very good computers with a quality/price ratio that instead is not the best. The assistance is very good and the build quality is also fair in most cases.
  • HP, bad build materials, but good features at a good price. I would advise you to avoid getting one of their computers, unless you want your PC to double as an electric stove.
  • Asus, average in practically everything. Some products, such as the TUF range, have good performance with somewhat poor material quality. Others, like the Zephyrus range, on the other hand, are of medium to high quality.
  • Acer, I've never tried unfortunately, but I've generally neither recommended nor advised against them, so I'd say their computers are also average.
  • I would strongly advise against an Apple.

They are good for studying or everyday use, but for a programmer it only complicates life and you can get much better for less than half the price.

What do Computer Science students study?

The development of humanity has led to users inventing and mastering entirely new technologies. Along with them came sciences and professions that did not exist before. A prime example of this is Computer Sciences.

Few people understand who they are at all. It is a relatively new and perspective direction, which is recommended for programmers, developers and everyone who is interested in computers and IT-technologies to some extent. This article will describe this direction in more detail. At the end everyone will realize whether it is worthwhile to take it and how to study it properly.

Computer Science is a promising area of modern learning closely related to IT technology. It represents a body of practical and theoretical data used by specialists in the creation and operation of

  • information systems;
  • databases;
  • a variety of technologies;
  • computer technology.

It also includes programming. It first emerged as a computer-related field in the 20th century (1930s). The field was formed by combining mathematical logic with the creation of computers.

In simple terms, Computer Science is all that refers to modern "computer science". For most foreigners, it is associated with a specific course or area of study at a university.

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