Should I buy likes on Instagram?

Should I buy likes on Instagram? Blanc Media LTD

Go to the accounts of competitors, bloggers, or companies where your target audience is concentrated, select the users who are relevant, and send messages inviting them to sign up for the account.
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Adding location to your Instagram promotion in your account description and posts is an additional way to go. Especially relevant for local businesses and events. Just putting a location and waiting for thousands of followers won't work. Tip: get free instagram likes right now!

Targeted advertising

Official "Instagram" advertising is an opportunity to reach an audience with specific interests. If the algorithms themselves decide to whom to show your Reels or post, in advertising, you set the audience yourself. "Instagram offers advertising in the feed, in posts and in Reels.

Ads can be set up within Instagram or via the Facebook ad area (if the account is associated with a page). The following goals are available for advertising on Instagram: visits to the account, visits to the website, and higher engagement, i.e., more posts. Audience can be selected automatically or customized, but the criteria are limited.

The disadvantage of advertising in the social network is an impressive list of restrictions that are constantly changing. Ads are stopped for breaking the rules, and sometimes the account is blocked without explanation.

Influencer advertising

Influencer marketing remains in the trends of 2022, because the blogging market is growing. Therefore, instagram promotion through opinion leaders is still relevant. Advertising from bloggers, celebrities and experts is more trustworthy and perceived as a recommendation from someone you know. Variants of advertising with Influencers: native (does not look like advertising) or direct.

Use the "$1.8 method."

Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the top bloggers in America, used this method to promote his account. The method is called "$1.8. In English, there is an analogue of the Russian expression "put your 5 kopecks," but about cents. The bottom line: "Insert your 2 cents in the top 9 posts on 10 hashtags in your topic. It turns out the contribution of $ 1.8 for the development of your blog.

How to promote Instagram from scratch by yourself using this method? Choose 10 hashtags on your topic and comment on 9 posts every day. If there is a question in the post, give a meaningful answer. Pay attention to engagement: the post must have a minimum of 5% likes from the number of subscribers. Don't give up and keep investing your "2 cents" every day.

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