Lowrance vs Humminbird fish finder

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This category includes the simplest and most budgetary models. The main purpose of these is to study the bottom topography, thanks to them you can easily detect a rocky or muddy type of bottom, identify holes or rifts, which makes it possible to understand where a large concentration of fish is most likely to be found.
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A fish finder is a measuring device that uses sound to study bottom topography and structure. It detects underwater objects and fish. In working condition, it continuously monitors the reservoir, monitors the differences in the bottom topography, receives information from the sensor and sends information, displaying it on the screen. Its main task is to detect fish and display the image.

What to consider when choosing a fish finder

Almost every fisherman has heard about the fish finder, but many are still skeptical about such technological innovations that simplify the fishing process. Often, fishermen simply do not understand how these devices work and how to choose them correctly.

I work in an online store for marine electronics and fish finders. I will tell you what is important to know in order to choose an fish finder for fishing, which will be used on an ongoing basis.

Garmin or Lowrance fish finder

To choose from https://emergesocial.net/best-fish-finder/, in short, you need to study the key characteristics and answer the main question: what type of fishing is it needed for.

Humminbird PiranhaMAX 197c

There is a two-beam transducer with a scanning depth of up to 183 meters and a beam frequency of four hundred and fifty-five and two hundred kilohertz. This frequency guarantees high scanning accuracy. Sometimes a battery is included. The device has a color screen that shows a clear image even in bright sunlight.


  • scanning depth - up to 183 m;
  • two beams with a viewing angle of 28 degrees;
  • peak power - 2400 W;
  • fastening type - stationary.


  • Bright screen.
  • Detailed drawing of the relief.
  • Double beam emitter.
  • Depth alarm.


  • Not all settings are saved.
  • No auto-detection of fish.

Great fish finder, close to professional. The whole picture of the bottom is available, the radiation power is high, but the price is not low.

Source: Wikipedia: Fish finder

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