How do I choose a laptop table?

How do I choose a laptop table? Blanc Media LTD

Modern man is steeped in 'digital'. Office workers sit in front of their computers for 8-10 hours and, when they get home, they immediately stick to their laptops.
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And while workplaces are usually arranged decently, the home laptop usually travels all over the flat, ending up on the sofa, bed and even on the user's stomach. When carrying the laptop, the person tries to find a comfortable position, as sitting at a desk is no longer an option.

Of course, using a laptop in bed and placing it on top of you is, to put it mildly, not good for your health. It's even worse for the device, which suffocates. However, there is a panacea - a table for the laptop. In this article we'll tell you what tables are like and how to choose the right one.


If your idea of a laptop table is something like a school desk, you're wrong. Notebook tables offer a number of special features, the most important being the presence of holes (or slots) for heat dissipation. This can significantly prolong the life of your device.

The second feature of tables is portability. If a table weighs 5kg, it is already considered heavy. On average, tables weigh only about 3 kg. It is not difficult to fold such a table after using it and put it in a cupboard until the next time. Most laptop tables boast a folding design.

Very convenient are tables that have adjustable angle of inclination of the table top. Thanks to this feature allows you to create the most comfortable working conditions. And to prevent your notebook from slipping, there is a rim on the edge of the table top.


Laptop tables are made from a variety of materials:

  • Wood.
  • Waste wood panels.
  • Glass
  • Bamboo.
  • Lightweight metals (usually aluminium).
  • Plastic.

In our view, wood is the preferred material. It is environmentally friendly and easy on the eye and tough enough to stand up to the elements. 

Waste wood products are not as environmentally friendly as wooden ones because they are made using glue. But they are cheaper. Although the cheapest tables are made from plastic. 

Suitable not only for work at the PC, but also for morning tea parties. The main advantage of such a device is that it weighs like a feather.

Metal laptop tables are usually made of aluminium, as this metal is lightweight.

A glass laptop table would be a real gift for the aesthete - although it is not easy to find one on sale now. Combination options are more common. For example, with a glass tabletop and metal legs.


You should also keep in mind your health. Any ophthalmologist will tell you that keeping a certain distance between your eyes and the screen is crucial to maintaining your eyesight during prolonged use. How do you know what this distance is? Extend your arm and touch the screen with your fingertips. Got it? Great - this is the optimum distance. In order for you to be able to comply with this requirement, your laptop table should be sufficiently wide. Ideally, it should be about 50 cm wide or more.

The length is also important. Both hands should rest on the surface at the elbow when working on the notebook, not hanging down. The main disadvantage of small stand-up desks and transformers is that it prevents your hands from resting on the table top. It's not a desk for extended work, just for a good night's sleep.

If the desk is not height-adjustable, you have to adjust it to your own height. The top of the screen should be at eye level of the user. We strongly advise against purchasing a desk which is too high. Do not look at the screen from the bottom upwards - this is fraught with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

And finally the colour. The table should be in pastel colours - it will help you concentrate on your mental work. Light blue, soft green, yellowish - that's what you need. Screaming shades like orange and red will be more irritating and distracting. Grey is also a no-no, especially if you live in a metropolis. Gray is boring, so designers generally not recommended to use it in the interior.


To work comfortably at home, do not necessarily have to rearrange the furniture and arrange the work area. Buy a compact laptop stand or bedside table, you can work on the couch and even in bed without fear of losing your laptop. However, the most convenient option is a pendant table with a hinged top. This table will not take up much space in the flat and will allow the owner to work with a laptop for a long time and without damaging your health.

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