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Frederick Leo Turner (January 6, 1933 - January 7, 2013) grew up in Des Moines and Chicago, graduating from Drake University in 1954. Immediately after the army, he began his career at McDonald`s - grilling meat. Thanks to his extraordinary abilities, he very quickly climbed the career ladder.
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By the time he retired in 2004 and throughout his career, serving as CEO in 1973 and chairman of the company in 1977, McDonald's was already represented by 31,500 restaurants around the world. During all this time, the number of meat buns sold was not just millions, it seemed to be endless. The land required to graze livestock for the company's needs was equal to the area of ​​states such as Texas or Kansas. More details in this article.

Fred Turned and the McDonald's Empire

This whole huge empire was governed by Fred, at least that's what he wanted to be called. He took part not only in the creation of a single menu, but also in the attractiveness of the restaurant buildings themselves, which at that time were completely made of bricks and with mansard roofs. It was Turner who proposed installing more seating so visitors could linger and also introduced the first Drive Thru in 1975. Visitors could receive their order in just 50 seconds without leaving the car.

Every place on the territory of the establishments had to be clean, he was obsessed with cleanliness - all the glass had to be spotless, and the garbage in the parking lot was immediately removed. The training films even talked about the pipes under the sink, polished to a shine, and this was not just a whim of the boss - he himself started out as a regular grill worker.

In Fred's universe, every hamburger had to be perfect. One pound of meat should make 10 pieces of meat for a hamburger, not 9 or 11. A maximum of 24 meats could be grilled on the grill, and buns stuck together in a toaster must be separated, which helped to reduce precious seconds in service. The fries should be 0.28 inches (0.71 cm) thick and the secret sauce is always the same flavor. It was all in Fred's Bible, a study guide he wrote and taught at the University of Hamburgerology, founded in 1961 at Elk Grove, Illinois, where managers and employees trained for three weeks to get the franchise up and running properly. Currently, over 80,000 people worldwide boast this outlandish qualification.

Quality, service and cleanliness were his watchwords. Beyond the motto, he had an amazing ability to see unoccupied market niches and future trends. Filet-au-Fish was introduced to the menu to please Catholics on Fridays. Happy Meal with a free plastic trinket was supposed to attract the attention of the youngest visitors. McMuffin's Egg, the name his wife coined, was a triumph on the breakfast menu that was introduced in 1975. As soon as Americans turned their backs on beef, a fried chicken alternative was proposed.

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One day in 1979, Turner asked the chef to make pieces of chicken the size of his thumb. Four years later, a variant of the deep-fried chicken McNuggets appeared. Their success was incredible. Americans began to use them as French fries dipped in sauce. And McDonald's became the second largest seller of chicken in the world. For the needs of the company, they began to breed a special type of chicken with large breasts.

Such a huge influence looks a little strange, because Turner had just graduated from the University of Des Moines at the dawn of his McDonald's career and his best achievement was a truck driver for a cookie company. The shrewd Ray Kroc very quickly recognized the potential of the young employee and made it his right hand. He saw in this man with the face of a child the son he never had. Many joked that Fred had ketchup running through his veins instead of blood.

The company had annual revenues of $ 19.1 billion when Turner retired. As it expanded in the global market, criticism from the public also increased: population obesity, environmental pollution, soil erosion. That said, Turner's success cannot be taken away from developing great service, popular food, and beloved flavor - wherever you find golden arches.

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