Dua Lipa and her way to success

Dua Lipa and her way to success Blanc Media LTD

We were surprised by how fast does Dua Lipa account grow. And there is a reason for it!. Smartness, sexuality, passion: how she makes it? We'll see what happens in 2023
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“I heard Dua Lipa for the first time sometime in the second half of 2016, when the singles from her long-suffering debut album continued to be released in random order, making it doubtful that he would ever be released at all. I confess that Dua's songs didn't impress me then due to some monstrous misunderstanding, then she was just another aspiring pop star for me."

Everything changed in the spring of 2017, when her track “Lost in Your Light” was released. It was instant love! I had not heard such a rich and rosy-cheeked melody for a very long time. After that, I began to listen to the rest of the songs and realized that I was cruelly mistaken, and then the album cemented my love for Lipa as one of the most outstanding singers of our time.

Dua Lipa: New Rules

The video for "New Rules" has over a billion views. For comparison, say "HUMBLE." Kendrick Lamar - another hit of 2017 - is half as much.
Why is she outstanding? First of all, the fact that she writes her own songs and does it exceptionally well. He doesn't go into some jungle of RʼnʼB, doesn't try to engage in inappropriate experiments, but simply composes good melodies. Lord, even rap-fits in her tracks sound appropriate! Perhaps it was thanks to this simplicity and some old school in terms of songwriting that she was able to conquer the world stage. However, it is not surprising: the daughters of the Yugoslav lands now generally easily and naturally become queens of the pop Olympus.

Of course, Dua's solo concert is an event of a universal scale that I cannot miss in any way. Of course, I already saw her last year at the Europa Plus festival, but it was such a small seed before the impending tsunami. I look forward to the new album, of course, whenever it comes out. I hope Lipych finds some new and original sound on it, with which she can move away from the aesthetics of the 80s that we heard on the first album. Well, there is no doubt that there will be the most suitable songs, Dua does not know how otherwise!”

“It was the spring of 2015, then I somehow got bored with music from world pop stars, I wanted a sip of something fresh. I surfed YouTube, stumbled upon Dua's channel, where at that time there were only covers. I was immediately attracted by her unusual, deep and sometimes rough voice, singing style and, of course, a very beautiful appearance. I found her profiles on Twitter and Instagram, learned a little more about her, she seemed very cheerful and interesting to me. I immediately thought that she has a huge potential, and if she can realize herself, she will become a superstar. After the release of the debut single, I fell in love completely. So I decided to follow the work of a girl who in the future became an idol both for me and for thousands of other listeners around the world. During this time, I found many friends among her fans, I decided to lead a group about her."

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Dua Lipa: sexy photos

She is talented, sincere with the audience and sexy. Dua has a very cool sound, true lyrics and an unusual voice. What captivates her is that she does not consider herself a star, she always has a dialogue with her fans, she considers herself their friend, she is ready to help and support at any moment, sincerity is very important in this matter. She does not have a “star fever”, she is so surprised and happy every time with new achievements, although this is fully deserved, because she works very hard. She almost never has periods of “calm”, even if she is on vacation, she still does not miss the moment to write something on social networks, she is always in touch with us. She has the right message, she adheres to the views that are close to today's youth, she knows how to inspire people.

Personally, I like her hard work and love for work, because even after a couple of years, I'm still surprised when I see her new photo shoot or interview almost every week. She shows interest in what she does, her eyes literally burn. And, of course, young fans love her style of clothing and experiments with it, and where without cool photos on Instagram and portions of memes about herself on Twitter.

Only the mixture of low, husky voice, melodic instrumental, vital lyrics and rhythmic beats makes her songs special. It is also very touching that she writes all her songs based on personal experience. They feel both feminine strength (“New Rules”, “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)”, “IDGAF”), longing for a loved one (“Homesick”), and sexuality (“Dreams”).

It is difficult to choose a favorite song from an artist whose album you have listened to the holes, but, perhaps, this is “Last Dance”. This is one of her first songs, she energizes me wildly, and what a voice Dua has! I love the chorus, the break is very pumping, and I think you can hear the dark pop very well there, which is Dua's leading musical genre.

Dua Lipa fans

We, the fans, have finally waited for this, every day there are more and more of us, and it's cool. From the concert I expect a complete dressing, it will be a thrill. I really want to sing my favorite songs with an idol, feel unity with other fans and just have a good evening. Plus, June 2 marks the one year anniversary of Dua’s debut album, so you feel special to share such a meaningful day with her.”

For the first time I saw Dua Lipa on one of the music channels. It was then the song "Be the One", which was still gaining popularity. I'm usually skeptical about emerging pop stars who get into the rotation on our radio and television: they often sound sickly sweet or clichéd. But not in this case.

Of course, I was struck by the voice - this is the very voice that you do not allow yourself to stop in the player until the song is over. Her thick, sometimes voluminous, sometimes dry, piercing, seductive and unique voice embraces your consciousness and doesn't let it go. Next - standard searches on social networks for official accounts and fan groups. For me, as a person with a visual perception, it is important to have an idea about the appearance of a musician. Here I was more than pleasantly surprised: amazing in appearance, Dua does not strive at all for trends. She is as unique on the outside as her voice. And on top of all this lies the fact that she is from Kosovo, she does not have influential parents and connections, she has traveled the path to success on her own.

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