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It is interesting to observe how electronic technologies permeate more and more areas of our lives.
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Already in the most ancient rituals of mankind, such as smoking a cigarette or using cannabis, transistors can be found. And if devices for traditional vaping today no longer surprise anyone, then marijuana vaporizers are a relatively fresh and curious phenomenon.

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What is a dry herb vaporizer?

As the name implies, this is a thing that vaporizes something. Usually this "something" is the active substances of various dried plants. To say that the vaporizer is intended only for tasting marijuana buds is not true, since tobacco and even chamomile tea can easily be used as raw materials. In addition to dry seeds, a number of vaporizers calmly “eat” solid and liquid concentrates.

For the first time, a vaporizer for using herbal mixtures was created back in the 90s. Oddly enough, this invention refers us to Amsterdam. It was there that Bill Amato, known by the nickname "Eagle", made a hefty glass ball with a bunch of pipes. An aromatic mixture was poured into the ball itself, and steam actually came through the tubes. Beal borrowed the heating technology of this thing from the ancient Egyptians, who at one time used stones to maintain temperature. The device made a splash, and Bill himself became a legend and acquired the official status of the “Godfather of Vaporizers”. Alas, he passed away in 2005, but his work lives on and flourishes.

Wow Ald Amaze

This baby is 100% Chinese brainchild, while quite high quality. The same brand produces a whole line of devices for vaping, but the Wow series is designed specifically for dry mixes.

Why do we recommend it? Because it combines almost everything that we advised you to pay attention to above. A full charge will easily last 6 or more cycles. There is a temperature control in the required ranges. The machine does an excellent job with both herbal mixtures and marijuana concentrates. The design of the pre-filter is exactly what it should be. But the most important thing is the price. Vapor can be purchased for only about $100, which is just a penny compared to other models.

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