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Coffee machines themselves are quite an expensive pleasure, and it is not so easy to decide to buy such a device.
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And those who have not previously encountered these devices may be completely lost in the abundance of numerous options and functions, about which it is not immediately clear whether they are needed in everyday use or, rather, are designed to satisfy the needs of coffee geeks. How to choose the Best coffee maker under 100 and not spend extra money? Let's figure it out.

Taste Features

One of the most frequently asked questions about automatic coffee machines is the quality of the coffee and its flavor profile. As for quality, here we cannot give preference to any of the brands: each of them has its own fans who are ready to defend their favorite manufacturer to the last and never tire of proving that N coffee machines brew the “most delicious” or “real” coffee. However, one generalization can still be made here. The fact is that coffee machines produced by one manufacturer (under the same brand), as a rule, have their own characteristics, which cannot but affect the taste of coffee.

So, for example, Delonghi machines, as a rule, will brew you stronger and richer coffee without sour shades, but with a characteristic bitterness. Bosch, Nivona and Siemens, on the other hand, are more likely to appeal to lovers of sourness. Philips, Saeco, and Krups branded machines are likely to make you something in between — not sour, not bitter, but not particularly strong espresso either.

Thus, before proceeding with the choice of an automatic coffee machine, it would be useful to decide on what coffee flavors you prefer, and then carefully study the reviews of other customers and coffee fans who will be happy to share their impressions.

Jug for preparing cocoa

Another optional accessory is a jug for preparing cocoa and other hot milk-based drinks. Such a jug very much resembles the jug of an automatic cappuccinatore, equipped with a whisk for mixing the contents. With the help of such a jug, the coffee machine will be able to prepare cocoa, matcha or any other drink that involves heating milk and mixing loose or soluble ingredients.

Remote control

Another trendy and modern feature is the ability to control the coffee machine through a special application on a mobile phone (as a rule, the connection between a smartphone and a device is via a Bluetooth connection).

What does the user who decides to remotely control the coffee machine get? In fact, not so much: documentation, a collection of recipes, the ability to choose a drink and adjust the proportions of coffee / water / milk using a simple and intuitive interface (and not through the buttons on the machine itself), and, of course, the remote start function for preparing a drink ( where without it!)

But there is a small problem with remote coffee preparation: when turned on, coffee machines flush the system (spill a small amount of water). And therefore - to substitute a mug in the evening in order to prepare a cup of coffee in the morning without getting out of bed, the remote control will not allow. You will still have to get up, go to the kitchen and substitute a mug after flushing the system. It is clear that in this case it will be easier to press a button on the machine itself than to launch an application on a smartphone.

However, manufacturers do not give up and do their best to accustom users to remote control. Some brands have been noticed that some settings (for example, the function of creating your own recipes) were only available through the application and nothing else.

As a result, the whole family is forced to drink one type of coffee. But what if different people prefer different grains? Or, for example, if espresso tastes better from one variety, and cappuccino from another? For this, two coffee grinders are needed. Thanks to them, the user can use two types of coffee independently of each other. It is certainly convenient, but you can only meet two coffee grinders, perhaps, with the most expensive models.

If the question of price worries you in any way and you decide to figure out what components make up the price of a coffee machine, then you can find that, starting from a certain level (approximately slightly above the average price), almost all models released within the same line have similar technical characteristics, and the price increase is due to the introduction of secondary functions and "chips".

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