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LG gives its OLED TVs a 5-year warranty because they believe they have found effective ways to protect the devices from malfunctions. For example, within 15 minutes after turning off the TV, it independently conducts the so-called “compensation cycle”, which removes static voltage from the pixels and restores their resource.
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Briefly about the location:

Before choosing a specific model, it is worth deciding where the TV will stand and in what conditions you will turn it on.

  • The maximum TV size in inches for your room can be found by dividing the viewing distance in centimeters by 3.05.
  • For a brightly lit living room, hall, dining room, or studio with large windows, regular LCD or QLED is better.
  • For a dark room like a home theater, OLED is ideal, but with a light source, QLED and LCD also do a good job.
  • Do not place a lamp in front of the TV.
  • If you want to use your TV as a monitor for your computer or keep it on all the time, LCD or QLED is better.
  • Long periods of watching movies and TV shows without static logos and regular gaming sessions shorter than 10 hours without interruption will not harm the OLED.
  • A smart TV with good speakers takes up less space as it requires less additional equipment.

What determines the price of a TV

When resources are limited, it's important to be realistic about your expectations. If you are offered a 65-inch 4K TV with HDR, advanced OS and magical upscaling algorithms for 50 thousand rubles, you should think about it. There is no such generosity without a catch, which means that the manufacturer saved on something else. Most likely, on sound, processor and image quality.

The cost of a TV is influenced by several main factors, among which it is difficult to single out the main one. Let's considet the Best 4k Tv Under 300, for example.

Best 4k Tv Under 300

For games, all "improvers" still have to be turned off, as they add a significant input delay. Some people prefer to keep Game Mode on all the time so that they can watch movies and TV shows without any "homemade" activity from the TV.

Power directly depends on the price of the TV: Wikipedia. Flagships get the most sophisticated chips with AI and the latest versions of algorithms, while simpler models are usually equipped with either hardware from last year's devices or simply more budget solutions.

Briefly about what affects the price:

The price of a TV is affected by screen size, resolution, backlight type, HDR support, and processor performance. At the same time, models with 4K resolution, smart functions and a diagonal of more than 55 inches are becoming more affordable every year.


The ideal option here is OLED, in which each pixel can change brightness from zero (turn off completely) to a thousand nits, and switching occurs almost instantly. But these TVs are very expensive.

QLED TVs mostly have direct LED backlighting (light-emitting diodes under the screen across the entire area) with a brightness of up to two thousand nits (most from 600 to 1000 nits). Models of the upper segment support zoning, that is, they can change the brightness of individual parts of the screen.

The implementation of this technology differs from model to model - the number of individual zones ranges from a couple of tens to several hundred, and the number of individual LEDs is measured in hundreds or thousands. When displaying a bright object against a dark background, it inevitably has a whitish halo, but the smaller the individual zones, the less noticeable this effect will be.

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