Best 1440p 144hz monitor under 300

Best 1440p 144hz monitor under 300 Blanc Media LTD

You should focus solely on direct comparisons of models (put side by side and run the same test), instrumental measurements and photo evidence (not the most accurate method, but better than nothing). You will be amazed when you see how different models with the same GtG (Gray to Gray) times can differ.
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Gaming Monitor LG 24GL650 23.6"

The LG 24GL650 23.6" monitor is based on a TFT TN panel, which has a fast response time and promotes clear colors. It offers all the same features found on other 144Hz screens, including Flicker-Free and FreeSync support, as well as motion blur reduction The monitor is ergonomically designed and equipped with ports that allow you to connect external devices.

Gaming Monitor Samsung C27RG50FQI 27"

The Samsung C27RG50FQI is the best 240Hz VA gaming monitor that offers high motion clarity and responsiveness, rich colors and a wide viewing angle. It is equipped with full ergonomic support, protects your eyes from screen flicker and allows you to see the smallest details during online strategy. The can connect to external devices and is made in a stylish design.

Gaming Monitor Acer Nitro QG241Ybii 23.8"

The Acer Nitro QG241Ybii 23.8" monitor is suitable for online gaming, as it responds quickly to the task and displays even the smallest details. It has a widescreen display and supports AMD Radeon FreeSync™ technology, which provides a good pairing between the screen and the processor. The monitor does not affect eye fatigue and responds in 1 ms.

Whether you're playing games, creating high-resolution content, sending emails, typing reports, or watching movies, you need a good monitor. While almost any screen can display visuals, you need a device that is immersive and doesn't harm your eyes.

HDR support

HDR support is something that the newest models cannot do without. Here it is worth understanding the following: a real expansion of the dynamic range is possible only thanks to multi-zone illumination, which is currently used only in the most expensive (more than $2000) gaming models. All other options are names for the sake of it, even if the monitor's color gamut is wider than the standard sRGB. Manufacturers support EOTF gamma correction, which directly affects the gamma curves and the final image contrast, but nothing extraordinary happens. Almost the same thing you could do on your old monitors, just set a different gamma mode (closer to the average value of 2.4) and increase the color saturation.

Complementing this list is the so-called "extended color gamut", on which manufacturers are increasingly betting. For games, it seems to us, this is not bad at all, but for lovers of everything bright, contrasting, saturated, it’s just what the doctor ordered. If you buy a universal monitor for which you plan to work with color, then you should give preference to models with a more familiar color gamut at the sRGB level. You should focus on DCI-P3, which has been promoted for the last two years, only if you are creating video content that is planned to be displayed on large TV screens in the future.

Gaming computers and monitors: see Wikipedia

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