MPVplayer online video platform will participate in Ad World 2022

MPVplayer online video platform will participate in Ad World 2022 Blanc Media LTD

For the burgeoning online video platform MPVplayer, this event is of significant value. More than 50,000 of the advertising world`s brightest personalities come together to share the ins and outs of their businesses and learn from each other. A global marketing event will take place online on May 2 and 3, 2022.
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Table of contents:

All participants will receive a printed certificate, an Ad World 2022 Certified Participant Badge for the website, a digital signature, and a LinkedIn profile. The online video platform MPVplayer will be able to post top-notch certificates to


Numerous successful business founders and CEOs, effective marketing executives and creative directors are exchanging experience, knowledge and new ideas in the field of online advertising. In two days, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Meta Universe and Web 3.0. Advertising opportunities in AR and VR spaces.
  • Copywriting. How to create templates related to good sales text and email.
  • Advertising content. Quickly create popular content on the main page.
  • Future outlook. Threats to brands due to cancel culture. Maintaining profitability.
  • Lead generation. B2B`s most effective read generation scheme.
  • Creative solution for advertising and design. How to change the appearance of your sales page.
  • Use of social networks. How to create viral ads and gain popularity without risk.
  • Optimized conversion. Content personalization and ad attribution.
  • Social media advertising. LinkedIn content plan and TikTok algorithm.
  • Business growth. LinkedIn and email marketing secrets.
  • Newsletter automation. Use of chatbots and mailing lists.

Meetings envision different forms of interaction between the audience and the speaker. You can use the Smart-Match algorithm to connect with your colleagues in a 1-1 format and help your business grow. Question and answer formats are available that can solve your current problem.


For the fast-growing online video platform MPVplayer, this event is of great value. Participating in such events always promotes new perspectives and business development. The company gets the right to place the logo on one of the stands during the meeting. This is an opportunity to ask questions and answer others. Questions are live and you have full access to the trading floor and catalog. With nearly 100 speeches and interviews in two days, MVP players can win new partnerships and trust clients among tens of thousands of spectators and business representatives.