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Everything is the same, but with a more powerful engine (500 W), with a better hitch and in a tourist format. Namely, the Eltreco XT 850 has a rear trunk, wheel-fitting fenders and a headlight. Among the additional equipment there is also a bicycle computer.
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Kupper Unicorn

The Kupper Unicorn is a mountain with 26" wheels and an aluminum alloy frame. Supports a person with a mass of 110 kg. Runs up to 50 km on one charge. An engine with power is responsible for this

250 W, battery capacity 5.2 Ah. The braking system consists of disc mechanical brakes. There are 7 speed modes in total. Shimano Tourney RD-TZ derailleur. Soft fork with hard tail cushioning will allow you to confidently overcome various bumps in the road.

How to choose an electric bike

Which e-bike do you need

An electric bike is a great transport for a city dweller. A nimble, eco-friendly bike will get you where you want to go, even if you don't feel like pedaling.

Electric bicycles are divided into two types according to the principle of operation. If you want to ride completely effortlessly, you need to choose a bike in which the motors are mounted on wheels and work without human intervention. In electric hybrid bikes, the motors are installed in the carriage and start their work when pedaling, which significantly reduces the load on the legs during torsion. But such a bicycle cannot ride completely independently, but only facilitates the work of a person.


Any vehicle is equipped with a braking system, regardless of the purpose of the equipment. The more powerful the motor, the more attention is paid to the brakes.

Before buying, you need to make sure that the brake system is reliable and serviceable.

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